Sugar's Tearoom No Longer Open for Business
It’s bittersweet news that we announce that Sugar’s Tearoom is closed. All good things come to and end. We’re grateful for all the friendships we made and wonderful moments we shared.

But as the song says. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” And so it is that Sugar’s Tearoom is closed.  But with that ending comes a new beginning  – the next evolution for Cheryl Roman – where she can express her culinary and entertainment talents. We’re excited to announce Whitewoods Wedding Venue.

Whitewoods is where Cheryl brings her new vision to life. The signature style that has delighted Sugar’s Tearoom fans will now create unique weddings that any Bride will cherish.

The Whitewoods estate, located in Hobbie, PA is surrounded by towering pines, hidden clearings, cozy cottages and a babbling brook. Guests will enjoy the natural landscape, rustic decor, distinct French country style, and well-appointed accommodations.

If you know a Bride-to-be that is looking for a unique wedding venue have her contact Cheryl at 570-714-4832. Or visit